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The characters of CiaoNapoli


In 1889 King Umberto and his wife the queen Margherita decided to visit Naples and, both for policy and gluttony, they tasted the Neapolitan pizza, a meal born in 1700.
although it was invented about 3,000 years ago, the pizza, the way we know it, dates back the first years of 18th century, when tomato, its main ingredient, was introduced in Europe, so in Italy , for the first time.
At that time there were three most appreciated kinds of pizza:
- Pizza alla mastunicola ( it's more or less the pizza with mozzarella)
- Pizza alla marinara ( with oil, tomato, oregano, garlic and anchovy)
- Pizza with tomato and mozzarella ( with oil, tomato and mozzarella)
The Royal family summoned at the Palace the most skilled pizza makers: Raffaele Esposito and his wife Rosina Brandi.
The two pizza makers started to prepare the three most famous kind of pizza , the pizza alla mastunicola, the marinare and the pizza with tomato and mozzarella, making a little modification for this last one, adding basil to it.
The evident allusion to th e colours of the Italian flag reproduced with the red tomato, the white mozzarella and the green basil, conquered the queen's heart and palate. She was enthusiastic of it and congratulated with the author of such a deliciousness, raffaele Esposito.
The pizza maker, moved and surprised at the queen's reaction, decided to give the pizza the queen's name, creating the famous Margherita, until today appreciated all over the world.
This episode conferred the pizza the royal seal of the Savoia's and the Bourbon's before.
Until today the famous pizzeria Brandi keeps a document signed : " Truly, Galli Camillo, the Royal Master of Ceremonies, 1889".
In the document he thanks raffaele Esposito , the owner of the pizzeria " Pietro e basta così" for the high quality of the pizza , particularly for the Pizza Margherita, created for her Majesty the Queen Margherita, who, as the document attests, found the pizza excellent.
At the beginning of the new century the pizza started to be diffused on a national then world level: it was appreciated in every part of the world: from Europe to America to Japan, becoming, without exaggeration, the whole mankind's heritage.

It is necessary to prepare the dough the night before. mix half a kilo of flour, yeast , salt and water , mix them altogether until the dough will be smooth and elastic. Set it in a bowl and let it rise for the night.
The day after, when the dough will be risen, shape it into a disk stretching it as you roll it out on a floured place.
Season it quickly with ingredients on top, then put it in a wood-fired oven rolling it during the baking so that the cooking will be homogeneous.
The pizza will in any case be done when the crust is browned and the toppings are cooked; this takes 5 minutes in a wood-fired oven.


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